Will nvc++ ever be open sourced?

I read on the Windows Release for HPC SDK rough timeframe / alternatives? forum topic that support for the HPC SDK on Windows is basically blocked on being able to hire someone to do the work.

Instead of hiring somebody to do the work, why not open source nvc++ and let the community contribute? Has this been discussed before?

Our Fortran front-end was open sourced and now the front-end for the Flang compiler (llvm-project/flang at main · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub), but we wouldn’t be able to open source our C++ front end since we license it from a third-party vendor, EDG (Edison Design Group).

We use LLVM for the back-end compiler.


The “MSC++ interoperability work” that you mention on the other thread - would this be in the front-end (if so, the C++ or Fortran or both) or would it be in the back-end?

Sorry, I don’t know specifically what’s all involved for MSC++ interoperability. For g++, this meant using the same name mangling and exception handling system as well as the STL.