Will OptiX 5.x.y offer postprocessingstage more flexibility?

My problem is : I have a wrapper class for example called RTbufferWrapper, which exposes most methods of RTbuffer. I can handle it just like I’am handling a native RTbuffer. The only thing is, witch to my framework, the RTbufferWrapper MUST NOT expose RTbuffer outside( I usually transport its ID to OptiX).

postprocessingstage is nice, but for now, the functions it offers leading to a situation which I MUST expose RTbuffer outside of RTbufferWrapper. So I want and am willing to know the future version of OptiX so that I can make my decision whether or not to redesign my framework.

I have discussed adding a method for setting PostProcessing inputs/outputs via buffer ID. In the meantime, you might be able to use rtContextGetBufferFromId to query the RTbuffer object from the ID at the point where you are specifying inputs to the PostProcessing stages.

OK, thanks, my solution at the moment the same as yours.