Will Orin have NvJpeg2000 support in the future?


I have been using Xavier AGX for past 3 years and have started migrating towards Orin AGX. Also started working with Jpeg2K data. The NvJpeg2000 library works on X86 and was wondering if there will be support for the Orin AGX (or even the Xavier AGX) in the future for NvJpeg2000? I will also ask in the NvJpeg forum.



Your topic was posted in the wrong category. I am moving this to the Jetson AGX Orin category for visibility.

The capability of Orin is listed in

Hardware does not JPEG 2000, so you would need to use software solution.

Isn’t NvJpeg2000 just a cuda library of some sort? Currently, it is only available for X86 and was thinking it could be ported to Orin which is Arm. Is X86 the only hardware that can do NvJpeg2000 library?

Yes, currently this is supported on x86 only.

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