Will Pascal GTX 1070 support > 8 bit monitor for video/photo editing?

Will Pascal GTX 1070 support video output and computing > 8 bit?

I’m planning to buy the gtx 1070, I need a “budget” GPU that I could use with software such as “Davinci Resolve” and “Lightroom”.

I shoot photos and video in “raw” file format. This kind of pictures have a high quality of dynamic range. Between 12 bit and 16 bit.

Please I ask you to take a look to this short guide that may explain to you what I’m talking about.

Baically I wish to be sure that if I buy the GTX 1070 I will be able to edit with a dynamic range > than 8bit.

That link explaing that to do this I need a special monitor, cable, and a gpu that support this technology.

If you need a software to make a test, benchmark:

  1. you can download Davinci Reslove Lite here (is for free): https://www.blackmagicdesign.com

You can download a Video in raw here to make a test: choose one from here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjJee-JAzoRRH5T0wqe7_tw/videos

the link to download it is in the description of the youtube video.

For still images you can download Lightroom here: https://lightroom.adobe.com/

free raw photos here to test: RAWSAMPLES.CH - Canon

You need a monitor that support > 8bit dynamic range, remember to read here if you are confused about it: http://www.diyphotography.net/8-bit-vs-16-bit-color-depth-use-matters/

Let me know please, this info is very important for me. I hope it works because I have budget problems I can’t spend a lot of money for a GPU (the 1070 is not “economic” for me but close to what I could buy). Another factor is that I wish to use the GPU to make both: work and play videogames. So I hope 1070 will fit very well.

Thx for reading.

New Radeons semms to support HDR, does it mean they did what I’m asking at first post?

look at the specs please (“display port HDR”):

I need to understand better please! thx!

Maybe the videos from the NVIDIA Editor’s Day answer your questions.
This is the one about HDR. That YouTube channel contains more of these.

If or when the applications you’re using support that would be questions for the individual software vendors.