win32 debug mode under 64bit windows 7

I’m new to programming in general and having a question here. Currently I’m developing a MFC project with some CUDA functions. The project has an activeX control which works under win32 debug mode but not x64 debug mode. My CUDA program, on the other hand, compiles and runs alright under x64 debug mode. As my operating system is windows 7 64bit, I’m wondering if I could somehow compile my CUDA program in 32 bit. I know the SDK and graphics driver are installed as 64bit so I won’t be surprised if debugging in 32 bit mode is not possible at all. Many thanks for any help.


Yes you can use 32-bit mode in 64-bit OS.

You need to have 64-bit GPU driver, but the CUDA tookit and SDK can be 32-bit.

Thank you for the help. Can I install the 32 bit SDK while keep the 64 bit SDK then? Or do I have to uninstall the 64 bit SDK first?