Win7 , CUDAv3.2, VC++2008 - problems compiling samples

Hi all,
I am starting up with CUDA and trying to compile the sample code “bandwithTest”.
After struggling with linker (yes, the out-of-the-box SLN projects work JUST ONLY adding “LIBCMT.lib;libcpmt.lib” to the “Ignore Specific Library” in Properties -> linker -> Input…),
I am now able to compile the code but the “shrLog” function just works with hard-coded strings and NOT with any passed parameter.
I had to duplicate all the shrLog statements with printf() statements in order to see the right output., like this:

        printf ("currentDevice=%d : %s\n", currentDevice,;
        shrLog(" Device %d: %s\n", currentDevice,;

Of course I have no error messages whatsoever.
Anybody could please help?
Thanks in advace,