Win7 failing to update Shield Tablet Drivers

I’m trying to get my Windows 7 PC to correctly connect with my just purchased NVidia Shield Tablet but have run into a stumbling block , despite following your instructions and several nearly identical ones on the internet.

Essentially I’ve downloaded and installed TADP 3r4 (also had this problem with 2r8, provided with UE4), installed ADB Fast Boot & switched on USB Debugging on the Shield and connected to the Shield the PC with the desire to install the required drivers on that. In each guide I’ve read I’ve been told to find the Shield in the ‘Other Devices’ section of the Windows Device manager. However, Windows is installing generic USB drivers for it automatically and it can be found under ‘Portable Devices’ and these drivers cannot be overriden. If if I uninstall them, they are reinstalled automatically by Windows immediately, even if automatic hardware installs is disabled in my computer settings.

Now I’ve tried to install NVidia Shield and Shield Tablet drivers provided by the TADP and they fail (more on that in a second), the generic Google USB Drivers and they fail and a popular generic USB driver called the Naked Driver and that fails.

When I attempt to install any of these by pointing to a folder Windows will tell me that the current generic USB driver from 2006 is the best driver for a MTB device and will refuse to update them.

If I attempt to install any of them by pointing directly at the inf files then I am told that the inf files are not compatible with the device.

Also, during this whole time the Shield won’t be spotted by the ADB Device search.

I’ve tried going through the procedure a few times, and trying a few variants on the method, and removing the drivers fully each time but I’m not stuck and no idea what to try next.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)

hi Jimmy_jazz,

it seems you win7 recognized wrong type for the Shield. you can remove the all the USB driver. reinstall the shield driver again. you can use pnputil to delete it. see the blow example

U:\>pnputil -e
Microsoft PnP Utility

Published name :            oem0.inf
Driver package provider :   Google, Inc.
Class :                     Android Device
Driver date and version :   07/09/2013 8.0.0000.00000
Signer name :               Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher

Published name :            oem5.inf
Driver package provider :   NVIDIA Corporation
Class :                     Sound, video and game controllers
Driver date and version :   11/28/2013
Signer name :               Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher

U:\>pnputil -d oem7.inf