Win7 - WS13.10 : Can't find include file mman.h time.h


I try to compile WRF 3.5.1 under Windows 7 / PGI Workstation 13.10

It seems like mman.h and time.h are missing.

PGC-F-0206-Can't find include file sys/mman.h (io_int_idx.c: 10)
PGC-F-0206-Can't find include file sys/time.h (hires_timer.c: 22)

Any advices ?

Thoses files are present in /usr/include…

Hi Open Meteo,

The files in “/usr/include” are for the Cygwin compilers. PGI is a native Windows compiler so don’t use these headers.

These instructions are a bit old but you might give them a try. Though, you may need to do some porting work if WRF was introduced UNIX specific system calls.

  • Mat