Wind from UE

how can i add wind to the Omniverse create scene? Im trying to export a speed tree to ominverse.
in UE4 i have to add a wind actor in order for the tree to move. the wind actor is not exported to
omniverse though.


In Unreal, SpeedTree wind is done with material-driven vertex displacement. MDL doesn’t support this, so at the moment we’re not exporting any of that information. If you’re looking for this kind of movement in Create you might need to do it with animation.

It’s possible that the OmniGraph extension in Create could be used to generate wind-type effects. Deforming geometry could be pretty challenging, perf-wise.

You can save Speedtree files as Ablemic and import them into Maya and then get those over into Omniverse. Works perfectly. That is the only program I have gotten them to work.