Window content is black

Just installed 343.22 driver today, i am in Ubuntu 14.04. (I had a hope that you fixed black window issue)

And still having this issue:

Nvidia dev’s are you going to fix this?

We are internally tracking this issue under Bug 200040059 . Is it not compiz issue?

Im not sure if this is the error you guys are talking about but sometimes Chromium gets all black and i need to Maximize/Fullscreen it and back to fix it.

KDE/Kwin on Arch.

Noticed it happening at least on 143.13 and 143.22 drivers.

@sandipt, it’s nvidia issue not compiz.

I can comfirm this is a nvidia issue and affects all GPU’s with the blob ive used so far…

If you use nouveau or ati the same does not happen, therefore its nvidia driver doing shading things like usal.

Please fix this is really annoying and makes the desktop ugly.

This is a Compiz bug. Details are available on the Launchpad thread:

I just read about this here

And I stopped in to say: Thank you! I really appreciate the fact that you guys are contributing to Linux and fixing these bugs. I feel like I’ve made the right choice by choosing to use your hardware when I see this happening.

Canonical fixed the problem and we got some good press out of it :

As a user (and fan) of compiz I appreciate the fix.

Thanks, guys.

Just wanted to say thanks for helping fixing this bug!