Window Rebuild causes blinking

Whenever I refres the window by using omni.ui.frame.rebuild(). I notice a very abrupt blinking in the entire UI. Is there a way to prevent this?

Hi @icaroleles1. Can you show a video of this? We use this in various place of our Kit apps without issue.

Sure Mati, I’ll try to record a video. But basically, I have a big window overlaying the viewport, whenever I call rebuild. I feel a quick blink.

Alternatively, you can provide a simple extension that repros the issue. Are you using omni.ui.scene.Widget for this? That would be more novel compared to how rebuild is commonly used.

mati I realised that the only thing that blinks is images.

One optimization is to use a ui.Frame around just the part that needs to frequent rebuilding (i.e. avoiding the images if possible). ui.Frame is the class that has the rebuild function. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the whole window.

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