Windows 10 1803 XenServer 7.6 M60 Citrix Virtual Desktop 1808.2 session freeze/hanging


I’m having problems getting our inviroment to run smoothly. I see session freeze/hanging with moderate/High gpu load. YouTube can crash the session without any problems. Session can not be reconnected using receiver. RDP reconnect is fine.

I’ve been testing with Q0 and Q1 profiles on our M60 cards. Same result.

Xenserver 7.6
Nvidia M60
TinTri all-flash
Dell Poweredge servers.
Citrix Virtual Desktop 1808.2
Windows 10 1803 4xcpu 8GB ram
GRID 7.0 drivers. 4.10 I think? Need to check.

Any input would be appreciated.


Hi Morsony,

Try downgrading your NVIDIA driver- probably to a Grid 5.x version and check the behavior.
Downgrade on both XenServer as well as the VMs.

Hi Sebastian,

which version of XenTools are installed in the VM? I have same issues with recent versions.
With version 7.1.1229 this does not happen.



Easy way to check if it’s GPU related … Unplug the GPU from the VM before you power it on and see if the issues still occur.

I have an environment running:

XenServer 7.6
W10 1803
XenTools 7.1.1270
vGPU 7.0
VDA 1808.2

and it’s all working without issue.

FYI - The "0" profiles are not recommended for use, especially with Windows 10. 512MB is not enough Framebuffer and "0" profiles do not use NVENC. This is why the "0" profiles do not exist on newer GPUs. The "1B" or "1Q" profiles should be your minimum, as they use NVENC.

Also, if you’re not making use of the Quadro features, you’re better off using the “B” profiles instead of the “Q” profiles, as licensing is cheaper.



This is fixed in the new Grid 7.1 drivers from NVIDIA.