Windows 10 1909

According to all the NVidia documentation only Win 10 1809 and earlier is supported for nVidia vGPU. We are currently upgrading our Horizon to 7.11 and planning to roll out Win 10 1909. We are running Tesla M10 cards on VxRail. Is NVidia not going to support us if we roll out 1909, or even 1903? Is anyone using 1909 with nVidia vGPU? I was planning to use the latest LTSB of nVidia software. Any advice, comment appreciated.


Not sure where you’re getting your documentation from, but it’s either out of date or wrong (or both :-) ).

Both of the Current Releases (CR) support 1903 and the latest CR supports up to 1909: Obviously, if you’re going to run a CR, then you’d chose the latest version.

Personally … don’t use the LTSR / LTSB software for any of your stack, and in fact if you want to run 1909, this isn’t an option anyway. Just my two cents: but feel free to go whichever way suits your depoyment.