Windows 10 connectX-5 adapter connect problem with infiniband

Hello, I installed two ConnectX-5 cards (MCX 555A-ECAT) into two Windows 10 Pro PCs, connected them back-to-back(don’t use any switch),and set the LINK_TYPE of both adapters to ipoib, and assigned IP addresses and subnet masks to each.

However, when I checked the adapter information in the Control Panel, I could see the Mellanox adapter entries, but they appeared as unplugged and the connection was not established. I installed the appropriate firmware for the MCX555A model on both adapters, as well as the WinOF-2 drivers. According to Mellanox’s manual, if i manually set the IPv4 addresses, the connection should be confirmed via ipconfig and the adapters should appear as connected in the Control Panel, but I can’t get the connection to work.

In a Windows 10 environment, is a dedicated switch required to use InfiniBand mode?

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When connecting InfiniBand to two hosts directly (back-to-back), one of the hosts needs to act as the Subnet Manager (SM). Without an SM, the adapters won’t be able to communicate with each other.

Please note that OpenSM, the Subnet Manager, is not supported in a Windows environment, as detailed in this document:
Hardware and Software Requirements.

To make this setup work, one of the hosts will need to run on a Linux operating system.

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