Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2016 and RTX2080ti

At our company we are working wit an embedded system which runs Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2016. On this platform we use a trained model for object detection using an RTX2080ti as the computing power.
When I want to install the drivers for this GPU it complains about the Windows version, probably being to old?
Are there workarounds/older drivers which are working on this OS and with this specific GPU?


Carsten Voort

Same scenario here. The driver requires Windows build 1803 or higher.

What I tried so far without success:

  • NVidia experience auto detect simply tries to download the latest driver
  • manual downloading a driver
  • changing the windows version in the registry as a workaround for the version check.
  • installing driver manually via device manager (from the extracted driver contents). It does list a lot of graphic card models, but not the RTX 2080 Ti itself

There must be a way to install the driver for the Windows 1607 build. We purchased the 2080 Ti for the single purpose of Deep Learning.

I am already discussing with our windows supplier to have Win10 IoT LTSC 2019. Probably this will solve the issue.

Update: we have the system running with windows build 1809. Next to the driver issue we also had a black screen when the GPU (RTX2080ti) was plugged in. We solved this by following these steps

  1. Boot PC/system without GPU connected
  2.  Go to the device manager and right click on the display adapter (internal graphics) shown in Display 
     Adapters and disable it
  3. Shutdown the motherboard using the shutdown menu (no reset!).
  4. Connect the GPU to the PCIE port and connect power connectors. Also connect one or more of the video
    outputs of the GPU.
  5. Boot the PC/system again.

Did you just update the LTSB to LTSC? Or did you have to purchase the new license?