Windows 10 teaming with mlx5muxtool

I set up a teaming on Windows 10 with mlx5muxtool containing 2 ConnectX-4 Lx adapters.
When I disable or disconnect the primary NIC the Virtual Miniport gets disabled/disconnected as well, but I would expect to see a failover to the second NIC instead. It looks like the virtual team is just a clone of the primary NIC instead of a team of both NIC’s.

The team I created:
Found 1 team(s)

Name : MyTeam
GUID : {9410BA34-319B-49F5-A02F-9F9EAF9F3B35}
PortType : Ethernet
TeamType : Failover
MemberCount : 2
Member[0] : {80F37596-D050-4788-9928-1E9AA92C8E38} (Ethernet 8)
Member[1] : {E3DDC041-A649-4D87-BFCF-D757DF4013A3} (Ethernet 9)

Any advice why the interfaces doesn’t failover?


you need add a primary member.
please following this guide:

Command Line Based Teaming Configuration

NIC Teaming

Thanks for the reply.
I added a VLAN id for both NIC’s but doesn’t seem to make a difference. The virtual team still gets disabled when I disable the primary NIC. I also don’t see why the VLAN ID could impact this behavior?

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