Windows 2008r2 and SRP Miniport failing to start.

The current OFED driver pack has a SRp miniport driver for WIndows 7/2008r2.

Has anyone got the SRP part working ?.

The SRP miniport is listed as having error code 10 (unable to start) but gives no other information. All other Infiniband / Mellanox devices seem to be ok. I two SRP shares available from my Solaris server and my ESXi 5.1 server is actively using one without an issue.

I am actually using WIndows SBS 2011 essentials but as the underlying OS is Win 2008r2 I see no reason why it would not work.

Any help / suggestions would be appreciated.

Did you install MPIO on Windows Server 2008 R2?

I was experienced problem SRP with Windows MPIO module on same environment.

Hi Rimblock,

i don’t want to get you too confused but there are two resources for OFED that I know of: and

with openfabrics release notes for version 3.2, SRP is listed as one of the protocols

With Mellanox WinOF flavor this protocol is removed “..Removed support for SDP/SRP/WSD

I am not sure what it is but there’s got to be a good reason why the folks at Mellanox technologies chose to exclude this protocol from the list. Keep in mind that everything is part of an opensource project and people put untested staff in there. Later on if Mellanox finds that things aren’t working, they remove it from their own distribution.

I know it isn’t helping you much but the next Mellanox winOF version (4.2 for server 2012) doesn’t have SRP support either. on the other hand, IPoIB performance is greatly improved. try running your target/client on regular TCP socket using plane ipoib-ud protocol

I hope it help…

Sure but as of last night SRP was working fine between Solaris and ESXi so it seems to work fine at that level. Having to run IB connectivity to Windows much slower seems quite a poor situation.

I may have to try CentOS rather than Solaris as there are a number of reports that people have SRP running between Linux and Windows. That will be a shame as getting a bit more Solaris knowledge was an upside, the other being ZFS but as that is now ceritifed for Linux prod use it is not such a big issue.

If anyone knows of a top level protocal that works well with IB on Solaris, Windows and ESXi and is able to achieve near 20Gbps speeds then I would be grateful.

This project has turned in to a bundle of frustration as far as Windows support is concerned. I will check the logs on Soaris and Event viewer on Windows to see if I can track the issue down any further tonight.