Windows 7 + CUDA + parallel Nsight + VS2010 Instalation


I have problem with instalation parallel nsight. I tried different ways but with no results. So I reinstall PC and I tried it again, but still it doesn’t work.

Ok what’s my problem:
I used unofficial program “nexus”, because it supported VS2010. Finally parallel nsight is here and by the way it should support VS2010…
Maybe I’m looser… Can anyone help me? I really need step-by-step manual because I think I make a mistake somewhere.

What I did: install vs2010, instal the newest drivers ( 266.58 ), CUDA toolit 3.2, CUDA SDK 3.2, Parallel nsight host 1.51 and Parallel nsight monitor 1.51.
I can see only Nsight tab up to window. But If I want setup new CUDA project, I see only default C++ projects.

I really need help, I’m helpless and I don’t know what I should do with it.

Thx for answers

PS: I’m sorry for my bad english

Šňůrka Bill

BTW: I have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

Hi ,
I have simmilar trouble - after pritty new installation of Windows 7 ultimate x64, VS2008 SP1, VS2010,


Both visual studios do no show CUDA templates when I want to create new project - it is normal ??
When I try to compile sample project - there is many paths missing and build failed

  • I must handy set paths in the project(V90 set in project) properties - it is normal ??

thanks for any advice

In case you haven’t resolved it yet: the tutorial here worked perfectly fine for me (also VS 2010 + Win7-64). There is no template project for CUDA in nSight (dont ask me why, i would also like to know…), but you can set it up quite easily using this guide.