Windows 7 CUDA support on laptop

I have a new Laptop (Dell M4400) that has an integrated 1700M graphics chip. I install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on it and that is working. But NVidia’s CUDA SDK applications crashes on everything including the bandwidth test. I am not using the EMURelease or EMUdebug precompiled apps but rather the 64 bit precompiled ones. Windows 7 just says that the bandwidthtest app has stopped running. Does anybody know why it’s not working? I loaded CUDA version 2.3

What driver version are you running? You can download notebook drivers now from

I’m experiencing a similar problem w/ CUDA 2.3 and Win7 nvidia mobile cards, that we didn’t see on the same hardware (CUDA 2.2, Windows XP).…mp;#entry983797