Windows 8.1 + Android ADB = Instant BSOD (wdf01000.sys)

I am new to Android, I’m facing on a crazy problem. The question, or rather the problem, is quite simple.
Yet, I cannot find any solution to my issue.

The problem: As soon as I enable ADB on my phone, and plug it into my Windows 8.1 laptop, I get a Blue Screen of Death.

What I tried to alleviate the problem:

  • Tried to install “ADB drivers” that I found.
  • Tried to install Android Studio + SDK, hoping that would replace drivers.
  • Tried using “windbg”, but the crash and reboot is so quick, there is no proper dump. Windows do save a dump, but “ANALYSIS_INCONCLUSIVE”.


  • Asus G750JZ laptop [ Windows 8.1 Pro ]
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro [ Android 8.0 ]
  • Huawei’s USB-C cable

I did read online that using a USB2.0 port might help in some cases. But, my laptop has none.
Do have an old ThinkPad around, but it has no storage. To always rebuild that laptop, just so I can issue a simple ADB command or two, seems excessive.

Thanks & Regards