Windows and MPICH

I am using the demo version of Windows. My application has been using MPICH with other compilers. The compiler does not like passing both real, integer and character varibles to MPI_GATHER. I partially resolved this by sorting the calls and placing in 3 separate subroutines. (Time inefficiencies are not important with maybe 8 calls at the end of a many-hour run.)
The integer and real calls generate a link request to _MPI_GATHER@36 which is resolved. The character string request generates a call to _MPI_GATHER@44 which is not resolved. I am not using the MPICH libraries since I need to distribute both an executable that runs with MPICH and one without. I have implemented the “without” by creating a fortran source file of dummy subroutines for all the required MPICH routines and structured the logic such that they are never called.

Problem: call to _MPI_GATHER@44.

have you tried removing the ‘@byte-count’ from the symbols
referenced by compiling everything with

That solved the linkage problem. Thanks!!