Windows crash when installing CUDA

When I installing the CUDA 8.0.61 on my computer, it makes my OS crashing. My OS is Windows 7 professional SP1. The GUP is GTX 1060 and installed the latest driver(382.05).
I’ve tried both the local version and the online version,but it makes no differences. And I checked the OS app log, no error had been caught. Then I checked the installation log. There are some ERRORs indeed. But they look really strange and seems it doesn’t matter.

Here are the ERRORs the log records:
37.348 | ERROR: [NVI2.NVOsConstraint] 87@CNVOsConstraint::PerformOperatingSystemCheck : Minimum OS version check fail - Version: 6.1.7601 < 6.3. (What dose the version stands for? Dose it really matters?)

55.116 | ERROR: [NVI2UI.HtmlSharedControlScripting] 2061@CHtmlSharedControlScripting::error : "Presentation response bad format - code = 200…(a vary long HTML label)

And the last records are:
215.055 | DEBUG: [NVI2UI.HtmlSharedControlScripting] 2031@CHtmlSharedControlScripting::debug : “onTrackRequestFinished - code = 200”.

264.985 | INFO: [NVI2UI.MainFrame] 2589@CMainFrame::FlushEvents : Property changed “pos”.

264.985 | INFO: [NVI2UI.MainFrame] 2611@CMainFrame::FlushEvents : Routed to “progressBar”.

It seems problem happens when Nsight Visual Studio Edition is installing. By the way, I installed two version of VS in my computer, the VS 2010 and the VS 2012. Could that be the reason?
Is anyone could help please?

6.3 refers to the Windows OS version.

Windows 7 reports itself as 6.1. Windows 8 is 6.2, and Windows 8.1 is 6.3, see also: for various other version numbers.

Make sure you download the correct installer if you haven’t already from here:

You’re also not saying how it’s crashing… what happens? BSOD? If so, what is the bugcheck, etc?

You can attempt to install only some components by following the installation guide instructions to avoid the one that is making your PC crash. See below:

Also make sure that the installer you downloaded matches the published checksums:

You could attempt to only install the support for Visual Studio 2012, instead of the soon to be deprecated/unsupported 2010 and see if that avoids the crashing behavior.

Thank you for your suggestions!
I’ve got the reson of BSOD happening. It’s seems that there is any confilict between VS and the system. It’s really surprising. It may caused by any plugin hadn’t been installed correctly which may have done some potential demages to my system. Once I addin or remove any VS component, BSOD happens.
The problem has been solved by reinstall Windows. Everything goes well now.