Windows Cuda Development Workstation

I want to buy a cuda development workstation at a reasonsable cost. It should not be too expesive (less that $2000 and run windows.
Any recommendations will be greatly appriciated.

Unless you have specific requirements, a Dell with a GeForce GTX 2xx card should be fine for CUDA. I see you can get a Dell XPS 630 with a GTX 285 for $1250.

If you are working on Windows, I would suggest you get 2 video cards in the box…one of which does not need to be CUDA capable.

That way you won’t have to deal with the watchdog timer or any other issues that arise from having your CUDA compute card handling display tasks also…

Good point about the watchdog. I always forget that some people have long-running kernels.

Thanks for the suggestion. I see some chatter on internet XPS 630 has some problems. Also does the mother board of XPS630 have an inbuilt Video Cards?


No idea. I just did a quick survey to see if a prebuilt machine could be found with a decent CUDA-capable card. I have no personal experience with the XPS 630, as I usually build my CUDA workstations from parts.