Windows Driver for NVIDIA Tegra X1 on Jetson Nano

I am tryig to use my Jetson Nano 2gb with Matlab to increase computation capabilities for training of the neural network I am developing.

Unfortunately I am getting an error: The CUDA driver could not be loaded. The library name used was ‘nvcuda.dll’. The specified module could not be found.
I installed CUDA Toolkit, but from the error message it looks like a driver is missing.

Is it possible to install a windows driver for this GPU?

No, you can’t, all required driver/SDK/libraries are installed by JetPack.

So to be clear: I am unable to use Jetson’s GPU capabilities for the code development in MATLAB?

Have you installed CUDA via JetPack?

I don’t know if MathWorks has a binary version of the full MATLAB studio available for ARM64 architecture.

However, I know they do have their MATLAB GPU Coder product available, which can be used to deploy MATLAB codes to Jetson.

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