Windows Forms App


I’m adding some CUDA functionality to an existing Windows Forms app. I’ve simply added a .cu file to the project which has a device kernel function and a standard C function wrapper to call the kernel.
I then call the C function from the Windows Forms part of my code.

So far everything works fine, except I can’t step into (debug) the C function in my .cu file. If I put a breakpoint in the C function, execution simply halts at the caller function (in the Windows Forms part).

Any pointers to where I might start to look? (my runtime library setting in both C/C++ and the CUDA build step section is /MDd, by the way)

Also, I’m on WinXP, VS2005

Thanks in advance

Hi.i want to implement a simple C code(subtraction of two array) on Cuda and then creates its dll and used it in application that build in VS2008 worked some thing like that.Are you helped me to do this.Plz.Plz.Plz