Windows Makefile

I have spent quite a lot of time now searching for a windows makefile so that i could build my CUDA programs in any of the various IDE’S that are available. But I have not had any luck and am just about ready to give up. The Solution files for the Microsoft Express are great but it’s kinda of limiting in that you can only use that IDE. There are alot of Great IDE’s with c and c++ support out there that run on windows and could use a makefile.

There are also alot of MakeFile Tutorials out there as well:
I like this one the best Makefile Tutorial

Code::Blocks even has a plugin to make -> MakeFiles

Also here is the a command line way to compile the code like this
%CUDA_BIN_PATH%\nvcc.exe -ccbin “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin” -c -I %CUDA_INC_PATH% -I %NVSDKCUDA_ROOT%\common\inc -o test\sample.obj
CUDA_BIN_PATH = Bin Directory on Cuda
CUDA_INC_PATH = Cuda Includes

But none of this works entirely, i feel like im close. I really wish that this came with windows make file because then we could use any of these IDE’s.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

You could try nmake makefiles; its a windows version of make and a windows version of the makefile standard.

I’ve considered going to it myself.

It has limitations compared to Unix makefiles (no parallel build, no gmake macros).

Scons could be useful as well (a python library for platform independent build)…