Windows os version issue

I’m just starting to us nsight graphics and might have a setup problem I’m trying to use version 20.3.1 of nsight graphics on windows 10 version 19041 and there appears to be a miss match (this is latest os and latest nvsight)

To get started i compiled the ms directx12 samples (release) and fired them up
for most of those apps if I start using the frame debugger or profiler i get a crash when the app launches with unhandled c++ exception in kernelbase.dll address 7ffcb6c3e9

I got a window "NVIDIA nsight graphics has unexpectedly quit when attached to the process D3D12nBodyGravity and I sent in the report

Any advice?


Glad to see you are using Nsight Graphics and thank you for sharing your question. Please see the following User Documentation for how to debug your application You should configure your exception settings to try to catch this exception. Do you know which dll is reporting the unhandlded exception? According to our engineering manager, Kernelbase is the one that says that “some dll” reported an exception that was unhandled. However, we need to know what that “some dll” is and attaching a debugger would be the best way to discover that.

i noticed a new version 20.4 of nsight and updated this significantly reduced the number of crashes
however two of the samples still crash
DirectX-Graphics-Samples\Samples\Desktop\D3D12MeshShaders\src\DynamicLOD\bin\x64\Release\D3D12DynamicLOD.exe - acess_violation address 1d8

Desktop\D3D12Raytracing\Build_VS16\x64\Release\Output\D3D12RaytracingMiniEngineSample\D3D12RaytracingMiniEngineSample.exe acess_violation address 0

How soon do you think 20.5 will come out? If it is soon I might just wait for it, otherwize I’ll see if the debugger can capture what is going on.


I’ve found that D3D12RaytracingMiniEngineSample can crash on its own. I think it might have some subtle memory corruption issues. Regarding the other example, given that you are working with them and have source, I would recommend the path of using the debugger because it provides the most direct information. The crash dumps only have partial information, so if you were able to attach to the applications, that would provide the most information for us to be able to resolve the issue.