Windows Store apps debug

can Nsight debug Windows Store Apps(Metro)? I have tried it with Graphics Debugging and it comes up with “Failed to create process”. I have tried Graphics Debug on Visual Studio 2013 under Windows 8.1 on a win32 app and that has been successful; if its because there’s no support does anyone know when Windows Store apps will be supported?

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I’m sorry for the problem you met, please provide more information for investigating the problem:

  • Nsight version
  • GPU, OS, driver info
  • Can we have your sample to do some local repro, then we can identify the crash quickly?


Hi Letitia, thanks for your message.
Nsight version is 5.2
GPU is GT 730, OS is Windows 8.1 Pro, driver is 376.53.
I’m not sure what you mean by sample; if you mean program code the windows store programs (Windows Runtime-WinRT) I’ve tried come up with the ‘Failed to create process’ message, while the win32 programs launch. That’s why I was asking if Windows Store apps aren’t runnable by Nsight. But the code I was trialing is only a demo, if you want to reproduce the result just tell me how to get the code to you.

Also, I have gotten the shader debugger to work with a win32 program, but the shaders are in D3DASM.
Could you tell me the steps to display the shader in hlsl please? Perhaps its more dependable to use the D3D shader compiler instead of using the ‘D3DCompileFromFile’ call? I must be missing something…

Many thanks Letitia



Thanks for your feedback.
Please open the weblink, login to the system with the following account, then upload your code.
Password: "OL[1/kU


Hi Letitia, I’ve uploaded the source code plus a .bmp file that’s hard coded in. I don’t know what difference not having the manifest and temporarykey files will make ;)

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