Windows : VK_EXT_global_priority

Hello devs,

I am writing something that ressembles a XR compositor; using Vulkan to be cross-platform.
I had success using VkDisplay’s and and the platform specific AcquireDisplay to connect to my headset prototype.

However, I am now trying to bump the priority of my composition jobs using VK_EXT_global_priority.
While this works very well on linux once the executable was setcaped correctly, I struggle to give the rights to increase scheduling priorities on my application/exe on Windows.

I read on this page that the extension is available on windows when using Hardware Scheduling and that :

I run my app as an administrator user, and also tried to “Run as admin” but if I try to add the global queue priority pnext extension at device creation, device creation fails (with our without validation layers) :

validation layer RUNTIME: terminator_CreateDevice: Failed in ICD C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvmii.inf_amd64_b32ce94116e244cf\.\nvoglv64.dll vkCreateDevicecall
validation layer RUNTIME: vkCreateDevice:  Failed to create device chain.

Questions :

  1. What is the correct way to enable SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilege for my built exe and have the driver accept to bump the priority of my queues ?

  2. My composition jobs only consists of compute pipelines, should I choose the Compute Only queue family or graphics family ? Would I gain more “asyncness” using Compute Only ?

  3. My compositor can act both In-Process or Out-of-Process. When operating in process (as a thread in the application process), will the global-priority extension work for only the (application-hidden) compositor vulkan instance on which I enable the extension ?

Thanks in advance,