Windows XP Pro SP2 Bootcamp OSX 15" Unibody Stability of Drivers after Installing Cuda Drivers

Trying to upgrade to latest version of drivers. Added my 15" unibody to the .INF file, the drivers install, but the system is very unstble. 15" Macbook Pro Unibody, XP SP2, 180.70 drivers (tried 179.48, 179.28, and 179.30 drivers as well).

Now I cannot roll back drivers, have to reinstall XP to get bootcamp stable.

System BSOD Blue Screen of Death playing video (within about 10 seconds of launch).

. . . or at random just using the laptop–but usually can run for about an hour if I’m not watching video (like Flash or VLC VideoLan).

Trying to get 9x drivers running so that I can use my macbook pro 15" Unibody to transcode video with Badaboom & CUDA.

I know this isn’t the right forum, but I don’t see the right place to post this mix of hardware/software.

Any advice would be appreciated.

.INF attached.
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