wine and nvidia surround

I also posted this question at winehq. But I thought I should ask here also.

I was thinking of getting myself a 3 monitor setup. I was wondering if I can get games running under wine to display full screen across 3 monitors utilizing “Surround” features of the NVidia Drivers for Linux?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Yes and No. You are not exactly enabling nvidia surround, but I am able to play games spanning all 3 of my monitors when playing wine games and natively. With wine the trick is to use a virtual desktop. For linux I am using nvidia’s base mosaic settings to span all of my monitors. I use 3 1080p monitors so my “gaming wine” is set to use a 5760x1080 virtual desktop and everything I have tried via wine has spanned no problem. Even games that need FlawlessWideScreen to fix some surround bugs have worked fine because FWS works in wine as well.

3 monitor gaming in linux is far from “it just works” but I have worked around most if not all of the limitations I have ran across so if you do go this route Ill help as best I can.

The way I do it is I have my normal desktop session (XFCE in my case) and then I have a separate openbox session I use for gaming. I have heard KDE is pretty good at multi monitor gaming, but I have never tried it. Most WM’s I have tried struggle with it. Openbox does what it’s told most of the time. You will need to be a semi advanced user and willing/able to write some custom launch scripts as well. If any of that scares you I would steer clear of trying to do “surround” gaming on linux for now… I hope it’s more user friendly at some point.

Thank you for your reply… I am using KDE… and I am a relatively advanced user.

I would like to avoid having to open a virtual desktop, because I really don’t like seeing window borders around my game. Is there a way to avoid that???

Writing custome scripts don’t scare me, but I do prefer simple vs complicated.

I am unfamiliar with FWS.

And I hope that surround becomes more friendly also :)

Is there a way to avoid that???

ALT + F3 -> More Actions -> No Border (Create a application rule and you are good to go)