Wine EVE - Online performance

Hi there, I have run few performance tests compared to Windows and well it was quite obvious that Wine is lower in performance. But I noticed that sometimes it’s way below what it really should be.

I’m using the __GL_THREADED optimization and also the wine stream patch.

Here are that i got from comparing different wine versions and also comparing to Windows.
Space graph =
Station graph =

Using nvidia 331.13 on Linux and Latest beta on Windows.

As you see the performance is not so bad. However I noticed that over time Linux performance is going down, way down to sub 60. I also noticed that when allot of things are happening my performance was going down to 0FPS 0.35 etc.

During that time I noticed that the GPU utilization and PCIe utilization was sub 10%

Yet some other guy with lower PC specifications same wine version did not have that low FPS even with higher settings.

Difference with setup is that he was not using any optimizations and older nVidia driver. I wonder if anyone else experienced this or similar and if there is a way to debug this behavior?