Wine on Jetson nano 2gb Ubuntu 18.04

Hi everybodyes

I am looking for install and use wine on jetson nano 2gb.

I’ve seen some posts on the forum but I didn’t understood as well if is possible install it or no , and if the answer is positive if there is a tutorial step by step.

I am trying following several tutorial but less or more without success and i am pretty disappointed of that due i think jetson can give big results running wine

I will apreciate any help


You posted in the OpenGL category. I am moving this to the Jetson Nano forum for greater visibility.

Tom K

Check this

you can run wine with box64 GitHub - ptitSeb/box64: Box64 - Linux Userspace x86_64 Emulator with a twist, targeted at ARM64 Linux devices
Buts it’s limited to Wine64 .
For 32bits you can see GitHub - ptitSeb/box86: Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator with a twist, targeted at ARM Linux devices
But you are limited on nvidia jetson nano or jetson system we no have multilib or 32bit driver gpu support so you stuck virgilrenderer driver and wrapper for that or stuck with slow llvmpipe .

It would be good if someday nvidia will rethink multilib support it will gain many uses that you need the 32bit library to run 32bit binaries similar to how Steam works on PC with 32bit games.

Thanx so much _Diablo

I followed your suggest and i figure out with box64 that is clear and step by step , but not with box86 , I didn’t found specified instructions for tegra / jetson system and i am stuck on wine32 missing message

I’m using this guide Install Box86 on Arm64 - General chit chat - armbian forum
It’s for armbian but it’s work on ubuntu the best solution is creat shcroot armhf system and use virgl driver for this
You will limited the mesa3d implementation virgl but can run up to Opengl 4.x

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