WinOF vs WinOF2

we have developed one application with Windows 7 and WinOF for connectorX-3 ,

now we use connectorX-4 with Windows 10 build 1809 and WinOF 2.

Running original application on new system, the error is missing winverbs.dll

What should we do with original application?

Basically, old WinOF version supporting Win7 & WinOF-2 (supporting win10) have totally different Mellanox driver-codes, and each driver also supports different old & advance firmwares (CX-3 fw vs. CX-4 fw) respectively

As I’m not familiar with your application capabilities, it seems to me you’d need either develop new application to support winOF-2 driver vs. CX-4 fw or if possible - to modify the current one.