WinServer 2016 Citrix vGPU Experience ? (not theoretical)

Hi Nvidia Engineers,

Have anyone experience with XenApp 7.8 and above with Windows Server 2016 with vGPU (Tesla M60 / Driver Host 6.0 367.64 / Driver Windows Server 369.71)?

Windows 10 (different Biulds) works fine with different XenDesktop Version on the same "Infrastructure"

But with Server 2016 i have funny Troubles…(Testing with different Nvidia Profiles, Drivers, etc.)

Good Things

GPU Tools showed that GPU Memory and GPU CPU is used (GPUPerf, Process Explorer, NVIDIA SMI OS and Hypervisor Host)
The Graphic Applications use "GPU Power" (ArcGIS, Google Earth and different HTML5 WebApps)

Bad Things
No Nvidia Control Panel showed, just nView Desktop Manager (Settings are existing and can deployed in the config files --> C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs*.bin)
No Citrix HDX Connection aka HDX 3D Pro, that means it showed me that RDS Protocol is used - strange thing?

A Bug in the Nvidia Driver? Windows Server 2016 OS Support Problems?

Thx for sharing you’re experience

Best Regards Sascha

Hi Sascha,

Have you ever deployed a server OS with Nvidia GRID? The findings you describe are “normal” for server OS and nothing special for server 2016. You won’t see the Nvidia Control Panel in a RDSH session (by design). In addition there is no HDX3D Pro installer for Server OS from Citrix. For sure you can use H264 and leverage the GPU in RDSH but there are still some differences between client and server OS (NVFBC->NVENC support…)
To finally answer your question this is not a bug and currently Server 2016 support is pre-production.
You can have a detailed view on the current supportes OSs here:

Hope that helps


Thanks Simon!

I’d add the KB system can often help, there’s an article in there explaining why by design you won’t see the control panel

Best wishes,

Please tell me how to use the GPU in RDSH (XenServer 7, XenDesktop 7.11, NVIDIA GRID K2, Windows Server 2016)

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HDX 3D Pro
HDX 3D Pro provides GPU acceleration for Windows Desktop OS machines and Windows Server OS machines.