WireGuard installation breaks Tegra Kernel

The current WireGuard installation script is trying to install Raspi2 kernel into Jetson TX2 devices. The WireGuard installation script
$ sudo apt install wireguard

The following additional packages will be installed:
  devio flash-kernel linux-image-5.3.0-1028-raspi2
  linux-image-raspi2-hwe-18.04 linux-modules-5.3.0-1028-raspi2 u-boot-tools

which are not required. Please provide any assistance.

Thanks in Advance.

I don’t know anything about that package, but I see a couple of the installed packages are specific to the RPi2. Even worse, U-Boot is being modified, and pretty much every embedded system has boot content specific to that exact hardware, and so I can’t see anything functioning after that. I suspect that the WireGuard software should refuse to install if not being installed to an RPi2.

Thank you so much @linuxdev.
Yes, It breaks the system and had to flash the OS from the start.

I am looking for a VPN service like wireguard. Could you please provide an advise on any VPN service compatible with Jetson devices?


We were also bitten by this. Building WireGuard from source still works, tested on a Xavier running L4T 32.4.3.

I have not used a VPN with a Jetson, but I know several people here have. I have no advice simply for lack of that experience, but someone here probably has good advice on that.

I don’t use WireGuard, but I suspect anything which does not alter U-Boot has a chance to work. Not sure what reason WireGuard modifies U-Boot, perhaps it is for no other reason than to pass kernel arguments. Xavier does not use U-Boot, but instead directly boots from CBoot, and so that would fit.