Wireguard Support on Jetson ORIN in Jetpack 5.0


I’m trying to install Wireguard on our Jetson AGX Orin systems. These systems use Jetpack 5.0; compared to our AGX systems, which have Jetpack 4.x. The new jetpack comes with kernel 5.10, which unlike previous Jetpack revisions, includes wireguard at the kernel level.

However, it’s currently not possible to install Wireguard as it seems kernel support for wireguard has been disabled and trying to install it via dkms doesn’t work are fireguard refuses to install the kernel module if the version of the kernel is greater than 5.6.

I’m trying to evaluate my options here - will I have to rebuild the kernel? Is it possible that future versions of Jetpack will include wireguard?

Currently I see no plan to support this.

You can try to rebuild the kernel first and see if it can work.

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