Wireless antenna connector use for single antenna

There doesn’t seem to be any specifics in the documentation for this. In an installation where there is only one antenna available, does it matter whch of the two wireless connectors on the TX2 is used? Are they frequency specific, or can either port support any of the available wifi frequencies? In this application, bluetooth is not of interest.

Please check table 62 in OEM DG for the info.

I have seen that table from the latest design guide. It does not indicate if there is a specific frequency associated with a specific antenna connector, or which one is used for bluetooth. Or, if there is not even such an association?

The TX2 module datasheet shows the location of them in the mechanical drawing on page 60, but not any indication if they are numbered.

Thanks for your support!

Both are used for 2.4G and 5G wifi. The one near to screw hole is used for bluetooth.

THis helps, thanks. Does anyone know if there is a performance or other issue with using just one antenna, and leaving the other disconnected?

If only one antenna, WLAN will have to be in SISO mode which data rate is lower than MIMO or diversity mode.

These Taoglas antennas have worked well for us with the TX2.