Wireless Card fails to automatically connect to network using Python module

I am currently writing a script using Python that will connect to several GoPro cameras using their 5Ghz Wifi Connection. Before, I was using the internal network card that was pre-existing on the TX2, but it did not support high-channel 5Ghz connection, so I switch to an intel 8265NGW wireless card.

Ever since, whenever my script attempts to connect to a wireless network, it was work a few seconds before then bringing up the GUI box that you would normally see when it asks for a Wifi password, except the password is already typed in and all I have to do is hit enter.

I believe this is a wireless card issue and not an issue with the module on Python because previously, when I would try to connect to the GoPro’s wireless network through 2.4Ghz, it would not have any issues.

I am running JetPack 4.3 and Kernel 4.9.

Hi max.newberry,

Not sure if this is still an issue, please try with the latest JetPack 4.4 DP to see if issue still present.