Wish for a list of my own posts

If this exits, please tell me how to do it.
If it doesn’t exist, here a proposal:

I would like to have a way to search for my own posts

I would use this feature frequently, a) to check previous answers, b) to find new answers.

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, you cannot search for your own posts. This is a limitation of the current platform.
You can go to your profile page to see the most recent posts, but that is limited to 5 threads.
We are working to improve the community in 2019 and having a feature like this is highly likely.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.


Hello there,
I was also having the same query. Apart from this, the entire community is just amazing. I hope more growth and development in the days ahead.


Hi zahid123,

Thanks for the compliment and for being part of the community!


Hi there.!!

Zainab Abbas, a new member of this group. After browsing a while, I decided to join this community. I have deep seated crave for learning and improving myself. I hope I am at the fine place. Regarding the point here, I also think there should be a search option. Nevertheless, I am delighted to read many useful posts here. I am happy