With CX-5 NIC setup kernel NVMeOF following standard steps, nvmet report error when we try run nvme connect

dmesg log

[Oct20 05:18] nvmet: creating controller 1 for subsystem hostnqn for NQN nqn.2014-08.org.nvmexpress:uuid:9cbac4ba24b8417d9281ae6a79b62673.
[  +0.002779] nvme nvme1: creating 63 I/O queues.
[ +10.156859] nvmet: ctrl 1 keep-alive timer (5 seconds) expired!
[  +0.000010] nvmet: ctrl 1 fatal error occurred!
[ +18.448703] nvme nvme1: mapped 63/0/0 default/read/poll queues.
[  +0.006434] nvmet: could not find controller 1 for subsys hostnqn / host nqn.2014-08.org.nvmexpress:uuid:9cbac4ba24b8417d9281ae6a79b62673
[  +0.000359] nvme nvme1: Connect Invalid Data Parameter, cntlid: 1
[  +0.003230] nvme nvme1: failed to connect queue: 1 ret=16770

any light shed up? do we need must install MOFED? before I remember kernel nvmeOF can very easily setup

hi wayne

It depend on your OS version.
We recommend install MOFED for NVMeOF

Thank you so much. I have another question could you please help?
one question need check with you the BF2-3 SNAP feature emulate NVMe from remote NVMF target with local SRIOV? and it expose as one VF function? can it expose as multiple physical function?


for snap related question, you need contact nvidia networking support