Wizard Vehicle and ROS2 Controller

Hi, I want to drive my car with ROS2 using a wizard vehicle, but there is no joint. How can I drive my robot with an articulation controller or something else?


What I mean by wizard vehicle is at the link down below.


I don’t think you can drive the vehicle with an articulation controller.

If you create a vehicle using the Vehicle Wizard with a “Drive Type” of “None”, then each of the tires have a Vehicle Wheel Controller properties window where you can set the Steering, Wheel Torque and Brake Torque separately for each tire. You can then write a script or use OmniGraph nodes to control the car with a traditional proportional feedback controller.

I hope I am answering your question as I don’t entirely understand the question.

Hi, yes I think I could ride it with Omnigraph as you said. I will try…

My plan is to drive the jetracer or a car like that while using a wizard vehicle with better physics.

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