WLAN and Bluetooth module of Jetson Xavier NX problem

I recently changed the main board of my project from Nano to the Xavier NX. When I tested it on the day it arrived, everything was fine.

However, I encountered a booting problem a few days later.

The problem was that the booting process stopped at the step of the picture below.

Therefore, I tried reinstalling the OS, but the same situation repeated. After checking various parts of NX,

I found that the WLAN and Bluetooth module that came with the Jetson Xavier NX kit could not be recognized in OS.

The booting process went well after changing the broken module to another WiFi module.

I still do not know why the WLAN and Bluetooth module was broken, but it seems that some issue happened around it.

I would like to know if there were similar cases like me!


This error only indicates the desktop is not able to launch. And there could be lots of reason that make desktop not able to launch.

You can try to dump syslog and dmesg when this error happens.

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Hi, Wayne

Thank you for your answer.

I need to check a log file when error happens for checking relation between desktop launching and unrecognized wireless module.

I will tell you if there is more update about log.

Thank you,
From Dohyeong