Won't run in Windows Server - Nucleus and Cache

I have tested installing the Nucleus and Cache server, both using the Omniverse Launcher in windows server 2019 and 2016 in my AWS account.

However i was never able to have both services running at the same time.

How it looks in the server

And when i try to connect on my remoteport:8080 the login screen keeps in this loop

After several tests, i create a local virtual machine, and installed both cache and nucleus, without any problem.

For me that means, this applications are not meant/able to run in a windows server, but i would like to confirm that, because in the requirements i only find hardware specs, not OS ones.

Hello r.toesqui
Thank you for posting, your issue is currently being reviewed.
Thank you for your patience.

@icolon Hi ! You were able to confirm if the Nucleus and the Cache can run in a Windows Server env ?

Hi @r.toesqui
The windows workstation nucleus infrastructure is designed for sharing assets within a internal domain (like local network of machines). Thus its use within AWS was not its main goal. There are issues with pub/private IP addressing along with general cloud security.

For cloud based needs for nucleus we will soon have a Linux docker based nucleus that is more robust, easy to install and provides all the cloud security needed to collaborate using Omniverse. Thus once we release the Linux based nucleus, you can install this on a AWS instance that meets all your needs in terms of network speed, backing storage, etc. Then you can connect to this via your local workstations and share among your developers.

I will raise a case exploring the possibility of extending Windows based nucleus for cloud based collaboration. But for the moment you will need to wait for Linux based nucleus

Internal case OM-27545