word too long error in compile

I just recently updated my compiler to 10.1 and now for one of the codes I use Gaussian09, I am getting a word too long error in the compile:

unset noglob
if ( 0 ) then
…/bsd/updatelink1 …/bsd/gdv.make JUNK1=JUNK DO-LIB qalt.F qasy.F qaver.F qcbfgs.F qcent.F qcomp.F qdis.F qdisw.F qdiswa.F qeq.F qeq1.F qeq2.F qeqden.F qeqmap.F qeqmat.F qgauss.F qiadd.F qiamin.F qiax.F qibcg.F qibcgs.F qibmat.F qibnrm.F qicasb.F qicg.F qicgne.F qicgs.F qichkc.F qichkt.F qiclr.F qicomp.F qidiag.F qidiis.F qidiv.F qidq.F qidqdg.F qiexpn.F qigath.F qigmr.F qigues.F qiinit.F qiir.F qiirit.F qilneq.F qimove.F qimtv.F qimtz.F qimul.F qimula.F qimv.F qimv1.F qimz.F qimz1.F qinf.F qiomit.F qiomn.F qipcb.F qipcka.F qipcki.F qipcx.F qiperm.F qipkwa.F qipkwi.F qiscal.F qiscat.F qiscxp.F qisprd.F qisq.F qisqdg.F qiter.F qitlen.F qmatom.F qmdmrg.F qmdqt.F qmdrch.F qmdupd.F qmlinc.F qmnuc.F qpaint.F qpambi.F qpany1.F qparse.F qpcstr.F qpdcod.F qpdest.F qpdp.F qpdump.F qperro.F qpgets.F qpinit.F qplstr.F qpmat.F qpnewl.F qpnewt.F qpow.F qppop.F qppush.F qpqstr.F qpreal.F qpscan.F qpschr.F qpskbl.F qpskey.F qpskip.F qptran.F qptval.F qputit.F qpword.F qpwp.F qqradn.F qrep.F qrepal.F qrepin.F qrepiw.F qrepsi.F qrepvi.F qrtstr.F qu2rot.F quad.F quadr.F quadrt.F quairc.F quarot.F qx.F qx1mat.F
Word too long.
ar: No match.
rm: No match.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you;

Hi Aurora,

Searching around the internet, my best guess is that this is a shell error caused by a line being longer then 1024 characters. Maybe a different shell would work? If not, please contact Gaussian support.

  • Mat