Working dir for remote debugging


I need to build & run a program on a remote linux server. The program needs to be executed from the project directory. The build works fine, but the execution fails because the working dir is set to my home dir.

My configuration:
Local: Ubuntu w/ cuda 7.5. Nsight 7.5 IDE.
– Build config: Remote connection set up, remote project path set.
– Run config: Run remote executable, Arguments->Working directory:
Remote: SLES w/ cuda 7.0.

Executed command:
/bin/sh -c “cd ;export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”/usr/local/cuda/lib64":${LD_LIBRARY_PATH};“remoteMatrixMul”";exit

How do I resolve this?

Another piece of info that may point to a bug in the remote run procedure:
If I set the remote executable name to the path of the executable relative to my home dir, the following shell command is executed:

/bin/sh -c "cd \"cuda-workspace/remoteMatrixMul/Debug\";<...>;\"cuda-workspace/remoteMatrixMul/Debug/remoteMatrixMul\"";exit

As you can see, the relative path is included in both “cd …” and the executable name.