Working projects starting and stopping AWS EC2 Instances/Locally Saving Isaac Projects

I’ve been using an AWS EC2 Instance to run Isaac, and accessing it from my Windows computer using the Omniverse streaming client. When I stop the instance and then try to start it again and pick up where I left off, I can no longer open up Isaac on the Instance. My login information for NCG remains saved, but commands like “nvidia-smi” and other commands used to deploy the container, found here will output error messages.

I was wondering if there is a way I could stop and start instances and return to the projects I’ve been working on, or if there was a way I could save all of the work I do in the instance to my local PC, and then refer to that data when I start a new instance. Thank you.

I am not sure about the root cause of this issue but I do see the nvidia-smi does not work after restarting an EC2 instance sometimes. I had to manually reinstall the drivers again.
It helps if you have already wget the .run files then run sudo ./ whenever the drivers is not working again.