Working Temperature

Hi guys,

I have a project for a rush embedded environment where I want to implement
the system using GPU. My environment is more than 100 degrees and sometimes
very high pressure.
Do anyone know what are the limit of NVIDIA’s GPU specification for temperatures
and pressure?
Thank you.

The core will burn; the capacitors will burst.
You’ll need a tough water cooling system to do that.

FYI, there are companies who provide rugged GPU embedded systems that will tolerate harsh environments, e.g:

The GPU chip itself will tolerate up to 100C (way more than your 100F environment). But the high ambient will reduce the cooling efficiency of the GPU.
But I would still think the GPU would be OK… the GPU fans would just run faster than usual.

I do have systems (built with off the shelf GeForce cards) that run 24/7. Last summer the ambient temps at my home system (also running 24/7) were sometimes in the 90s (F). Didn’t affect the GPUs at all, but that’s still not as harsh as a constant 100F environment.

That GRIP system Simon linked to looks badass, though!

Hi Guys,

Happy to hear your feedback.
I will gather these information and find out
a way to convince my boss.
Thank you