Working web browsers for TX1

Hi all,

Having just installed Jetpack 2.2 on my TX1, I’d quite like to use a web browser that isn’t Epiphany (it is fairly buggy and difficult to use). I’ve tried installing Firefox but get a seg fault on launch. As for chromium, I can’t find a suitable build for the architecture and apt-get returns “chromium-browser has no installation candidate”. What are you guys using as browsers?

Thanks in advance!

Firefox should be installed by default.

I think I remember firefox being installed when I first booted the device. After flashing the OS using JetPack 2.2, firefox was no longer installed.


I don’t know much about the cause, but I noticed another post about the firefox segfault issue here: [url][/url]

I can also verify that Firefox segfaults in the 24.1 64-bit. It does run, however, in the 24.1 32-bit version. Hopefully they are addressing it.


i’m kinda wondering who would address it. i guess mozilla. chromium does run on 32bit build for me. i could not gey it to run on 64bit.

Thanks for all the responses, I think I’ll flash 24.1 32-bit to my TX1 as an interim solution

If you’re experiencing an issue using Firefox or Chromium, a workaround is to try lightweight Dillo browser:

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It’s included the aarch64 default repo for R24.1 64-bit:

sudo apt-get install dillo

And yes, it supports tabs! :)
We’re looking into the issue with 64-bit Firefox, but it appears unrelated to Jetpack or L4T — it’s a relatively new and untried upstream package.