Working with prebuilt kernel modules

I’m currently integrating software around a quadro series nvidia card on a predefined custom 3.10 linux kernel. We have multiple server configurations running the same card on the same kernel. The server configurations vary widely and we have Information Assurance requirements that require us to have all of our kernel modules predefined and packaged before we install our software on the hardware. We want to know if there would be any potential hazards if we were to prepackage the nvidia kernel modules in our OS and run the nvidia installer with the following options, “–no-network --no-kernel-module --no-precompiled-interface --silent” during our software installation on each of the servers. We were also considering using the --add-this-kernel flag to build a custom installer, but if it doesn’t produce the exact same kernel modules on every server we’re installing on, it would break our prepackaging requirements.